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Treating Customers Fairly Principles

TBI Financial Services Ltd (TBI) has defined nine high level principles of “Treating Customers Fairly” (TCF) that will direct how we work now, and in the future. These drive our processes, strategies, actions and behaviours and by following these principles we will consistently achieve TCF. A Customer, in this instance, is defined as a person whose account has been passed to TBI for processing.

  1. Always aim to make our communications, letters and correspondence as clear and as reasonable as possible for all our Customers in a manner they can understand.
  2. Seek to understand our Customers’ perceived and implied needs by creating and adapting new and existing processes and services where appropriate.
  3. Ensure that our people are properly trained and are competent and diligent in all aspects of their role.
  4. Act honestly and with integrity, and seek to ensure that commercial decisions are aligned to our Customer needs.
  5. Demonstrate our Company values whenever we contact a Customer: • Respectful • Ethical • Professional • Enabling • Accountable
  6. Manage all queries and enquiries in a timely and efficient way and treat everyone with equal fairness.
  7. Treat all forms of Customer feedback, to include complaints, as an opportunity to improve Customer experience.
  8. Take any corrective action to protect the interests of our Customers as quickly as possible and behave in an impartial and reasonable manner.
  9. Keep our Customers informed if their Agreement and/or arrangement is affected in anyway.

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